Editing and proofreading for authors and publishers.

Maths and fiction editor

My name is Caroline Orr and I edit educational resources, academic articles, and fiction.

I specialise in mathematics and speculative fiction.

Caroline Orr is the face of Orr Editorial.

Get in touch

You can email me at hello@orreditorial.com.
You can also learn more about my clients or other ways to contact me.

Why choose me?

I’m trained in proofreading, copy editing, and fiction editing, so you can be sure I know what I’m doing.
I update my skills regularly by taking part in courses and conferences throughout the year.
I’m an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

Subject areas


I’m most interested in science fiction and fantasy, especially magical systems or creatures (think witches, vampires, zombies, faeries), myths and legends, folklore, and dystopia. I like imaginary worlds with their own rules.


​I focus on mathematics and other science and technology subjects because I have degrees in mathematics and logic. I worked as a computer programmer before becoming an editor. I’m a Professional Member of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. 

  Caroline Orr is a thoroughly professional and exacting editor. Having worked with Caroline on my first full novel, I was impressed by her attention to detail and her commitment to maintaining my voice. From researching a sensible local place name to helping the reader follow my delving in and out of the first person, Caroline helped keep the narrative alive and on track. I would heartily recommend Caroline to any author.  

G.R. Jordan, fiction author

 Caroline has been a pleasure to work with. She is flexible, thorough, and has a great eye for detail and consistency. Her technical knowledge meant that she was able to quickly get to grips with our digital product and provide meaningful feedback with both developer and editorial needs in mind.  

Kristie Pickersgill, Editor, Oxford University Press